I’m a painter, photographer, and math nerd. I’m American, spent a couple of years living in London, am married to a Greek man, and live near San Francisco. I also have the two toddlers who spend their days building and destroying the world.

I’ve been working in marketing for years, but I still can’t seem to accept some common marketing wisdom. I know it’s a confusing “brand” message to include my analytics work and my creative work in the same site (this one), and also to share personal/family things here. I’ve thought about this a lot, and the truth is that all of those things are equally part of me. Instead of attempting to present a single-focused, marketing-ish site to “build my brand” and drive business, I choose to use this as a place to present myself on the web. Since I’m an independent contractor/consultant, the truth is that if we work together, you’re working with me, not “my brand”, anyway.

I studied music composition & technology at the University of Montana with Dennis Thurmond. I grew up with (and still have) synesthesia, which surely influenced me greatly as I studied jazz. Melody, harmony, and rhythm are all wrapped up in numerical relationships, and while all music is mathematical, jazz is more immediately accessible as a giant math problem, because the player must interpret and improvise in real-time based on the changing harmonic and rhythmic structures. I am not blessed with a tremendous ear, so I always relied on my real-time math skills for that kind of improvisation.

I’ve traveled extensively (>30 countries), and documented quite a lot of that via my travel photography. There are few things I love more than turning up somewhere with only a rough plan and figuring it out from there. Generally speaking, in life, I love the process of getting my bearings in a new situation and making things work.


  1. Hey Angela,

    I LOVE your blog! SO COOL. I didn’t know you did all this stuff.

    I have been looking for an easy way to get analytics on embedded video. So, for example, at http://mrsremotecontrol.com/the-rosie-pose-volume-1/ we have a video. I want to know how many times people watch this video, and maybe even differentiate between when people watch the whole thing and when the quit within the first 30 seconds. Do you know anything about this? Thanks!

    Are you working in the City? I work at 20th street and Shotwell. Is that near your company? Let’s get a drink sometime.


  2. Hi Shana! Congrats on the wedding. 🙂 I’m glad you like the blog! I’ve done a lot of video tracking, actually, and I’d be glad to talk to you about it. The method pretty much depends on the player, but we can definitely figure it out. I’ll send you an email!

  3. Angela, you suck… because you ROCK in every way possible! How can a person be so diverse and rock at so many things?? I want to be like you when I grow up 😉 xoxoxo, V

  4. Hi Angela…we met at Nick and Nidhi’s wedding. Love your website. Maybe I am retarded, but I can’t find the feed link so that I can add your blog to my google reader?! Help?

    🙂 Brandi

  5. Hi Angela…found you again thru Nidhi’s facebook link today after such a long time! How are you doing? How is London? I’m busy mommying and job hunting, nothing exciting. But can I tell you that, YES, there is NOTHING I hate more in life than “Nobody Watches Raymond”!!!

  6. BTW next time you’re in town, I would love for you to do a photoshoot of my daughter! (If you do toddlers, that is.)

  7. Hello – was hoping to pick your brain regarding implementation of improved analytics tools for the company I work for….can we connect?


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