GA Summit 2015 – awesome as always, and they used my quote!

I love the GA Summits. I think this was my 6th one, and they’re always great. It’s awesome to get the inside track on what’s coming, and to spend a couple of days thinking creatively and collaboratively with other analytics people. Best of all, though, is how awesome, friendly, open, and responsive the Google employees are. It’s so, so great to be able to get tips, answers, and ideas from the actual people who are literally building the products.

This year was extra exciting for me personally, because during Lukas Bergstrom’s session about Google Tag Manager, he used a quote from me!


This quote was from the case study I worked on with Google and Novartis. At Novartis, I’m involved with analytics using GA Premium and GTM to manage ~130 websites. This case study outlines how we used the Google Tag Manager API and the Google Analytics Management API to handle this volume of sites.

I’m always inspired by the Summit, and I think most people go away with that feeling. I have lots of ideas for my clients, and some for myself as well. I’ve been meaning to start blogging about GTM for probably about a year now, and now’s the time to start. Stay tuned for my first GTM post tomorrow!

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