Peter K headshots

En route to Greece for a couple of weeks, we stopped off in London to see old friends and visit old haunts. Four days in London was exactly right…all of the good stuff and we were gone before I got too irritated at all the things that used to bug me. 🙂 Now if we can only convince our friends to move closer to us…

One of the highlights of the trip was doing a quick headshot session for my very very good friend, the talented artist Peter. We had a 30 minute window between a stop at the flat where we were staying and a reunion dinner, and chose that time to knock this out. The building has a nice central courtyard with covered parking spaces around the perimeter, which was perfect for what we needed. We stood in a parking space and used the light from the courtyard that bounced up into the covered area, creating a soft, flattering light:

After a couple of those angle shots, I pulled Peter further from the back wall and closer to the courtyard. this let me balance the amount of light hitting his face vs hitting the wall itself, and gave beautiful catchlights in his eyes.

Everything until now had been shot with my 50mm f/1.2 lens, which makes everything it touches look gorgeous. To process those photos above, all I did was fix the contrast and white balance from the flat RAW look – everything else is straight from the camera.

While we were there, we did some full-length shots. It’s always good to have variety in a shoot like this – it took an extra 5 minutes to get these while we were at the others. At this point I switched to my 100mm f/2.8 lens and got very low to the ground to get that magazine-y look. If I’d had a good longer lens I would have used it here.

At that point we needed to head to the party. I wanted to get another look or two, ideally something more dramatic, so I swapped lenses again for my 16-35mm. The alleyway on the way out of the building gave a great opportunity to use converging lines:

Finally our walk took us past Tower Bridge, so we went for a couple of quintessentially British shots. For the first I went back to my 50mm lens to get a more classic look:

…and for the second, the wide angle again for maximum ridiculousness:

The whole portfolio is here – a big thanks to Peter for being my model that afternoon, and here’s to seeing friends again soon!

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