Mommy & Me (& Mohawks)

It started with a washable marker and a comb.

…and a black backdrop (just muslin – about $30 from Amazon – required some touchup afterward, but that was easy peasy). And now, we have a fun and unique portfolio of 8-month-old photos of Perry. If you look closely, you can even see his one-and-so-far-only tooth in a couple of these!

I set up the lighting and camera, and Lefteris clicked the shutter on the photos that incude both of us. We used one flash shot through an umbrella, balanced with either the bounce from a large reflector on the opposite side, or the ambient light in the room. This was shot in our upstairs office/studio that has windows all around, giving a nice flat light and very twinkly eyes! I’ll work with that again for sure.

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