Geneva: CERN and a carnival

While we’re on the topic of nerds, here’s some more from Geneva. We took a tour of CERN (Best. Birthday present. EVER.), and went to a carnival. You decide which was which…

Okay, the last one was a “gimme”. In any case, if you can go to CERN, YOU SHOULD. The tour was fun – complete with a 3-D surround-sound-headphone movie – and we got to see nerds at work. You can’t actually go into the LHC, obviously, when it’s working. So we just watched people analyzing stuff in a big control room. Look how many monitors they have!

I brought nerdy glasses as a prop so we could take nerdy photos.

…and we took a group tourist shot. One of the many magical things about touring CERN was that every person on the tour was both nerdy and supremely excited to be at CERN! There is a gift shop, and we all bought things there! People wore fanny packs! It was glorious.

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