…the one, the only, the amazing, the magnificent, Perseus Theodoros Grammatas!

Born 10/11/12 (to two math geeks – pretty apropos!), 7 pounds, 2 ounces. We had a difficult delivery ending in an emergency c-section after the doctors realized he was breech, but ultimately any delivery that ends with a healthy baby and mom is a very successful one!

We’re calling him Perry, since that whole name is a little bit of a (fantastic) freight train. We are utterly in love with him. He’s also already exhausting us, of course. As soon as we got home from the hospital I took a few photos, but it took another couple of weeks (and a visit from his grandparents!) before I could do any more. Highlights below, and more here!

This kid is VERY expressive – his hands and fingers are moving and gesturing constantly and he makes soooo many faces already. I haven’t been able to catch a smile with the camera yet, but they’re unbelievably charming. But I did capture this face:

More to come!

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