I love lamp

In the midst of creating the Explorer’s Moroccan-ish Nursery, I found some spare time to whip up a lamp for Lefteris’s office.

We bought this lampshade at Ikea with this design in mind; then I just got a standard lamp kit from the hardware store, and constructed this from bamboo I had around the house. YES, I said “bamboo I had around the house” – I have several sticks of bamboo around and I’ve been using to for all kinds of things for years, periodically cutting it to size when necessary. I use it for curtain rods a lot – and I even made a small wardrobe area for a mud room out of it years ago. My usual joining technique is just lashing pieces together with twine – it works, it’s easy to remove, and it looks kind of Robinson-Crusoe-cool.

To hold the cable tight down one of the legs, I used small zip ties – not perfect, but pretty inconspicuous. I also used those to secure the socket to the bamboo, and to make sure that the top joint was nice and secure (covered with twine).

That’s it!

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