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It’s been more than a little while since I’ve posted any kind of update whatsoever here, and SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED. A few of my last posts were teases, too – I still haven’t put up my photos from Venice or Geneva (this orchid was from our hotel there), or done any explanations for Round 2 of the ZAAZ portraits I shot toward the end of 2011 in London.

…but since then…

We went to Brussels for a weekend. Haven’t even edited those photos yet!

We spent our Christmas holiday in Spain (and a little bit of France) again this year, and both fell 100% in love with Barcelona. I ALSO haven’t even edited those photos, although we saw some amazing stuff, particularly everything Gaudi and the Guggenheim in Bilbao when it was practically empty a couple of days before Christmas. Here we are outside in a pic from my phone:

By this time you should be getting a feel for how much MORE there is going on – since when do I just leave months’ worth of photos sitting on a drive?

It should come as no surprise to anyone who remotely knows me that London was not a good fit for me mood-wise. Living abroad was great, and I’m sure I’ll do it again, but not anywhere so…gloomy. I made some wonderful friends and met my husband there, and that is great, but my mental health thanks me profusely for GETTING BACK TO CALIFORNIA!

On the way into the States, we spent a couple of nights in New York for two reasons: 1) to hear my friend John Bellezza speak at The Explorers Club (somwhere I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go), and 2) to give Lefteris a proper “Coming to America” experience.

We’ve been planning our Big Fat Greek Wedding
We actually spent a long weekend in the village in late summer, seeing things and planning wedding stuff between snorkeling and eating entire fish heads.

I’ve been working on some paintings
Both expanding the watercolor collection from earlier and some new stuff as well.

We got some REALLY big news…
Well technically, I guess it was REALLY TINY news!

That’s right…I’m pregnant! We found out just after we moved into our place near SF – and I can’t begin to explain how excited we both are about this. At first I kept imagining that there was a very small robot factory in my belly, with tiny metal tools constructing a very tiny robot, and that led us to start referring to the baby as “Robotaki” (Greek for “tiny robot”!). Uncle Gabe did a drawing:

I’m about five months along now, and that means that, yes, I will be six months pregnant at our wedding. Which means that a lot of the wedding preparations have been extra interesting as I’ve searched for a maternity wedding gown, etc.

And yes, that means that I have completely and utterly changed my plan to never get married or have kids. Congratulate Lefteris, please.

And that’s just the REALLY important stuff!
More to come. 🙂

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  1. I saw your name come up when I upgraded to Google +. I had to check in and see what kind of art you had been making…when I discovered that you are making the biggest art project of all. Congratulations on your little robot and congratulations on finding the love of your life! I am jealous though- that you are moving back to CA. I miss it so much and I am afraid I won’t be able to move back there. ( I have moved there 3 times already in my life). I will have to make much more money to get back there again. Never say never though!
    Are you living around Dayna at all?
    Love Les

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