On Wednesday, the 17th, Lefteris and I got married! We will have a big wedding in Greece next summer, so this was just the legal stuff…but the legal stuff is important! We are both so happy. And now we’re even more excited about the whole wedding celebration.

Since we’ve been thinking about this as “Paperwork Day,” I decided to totally run with that and make all of the flowers out of paper. I got some instructions here, here, and here, and then just played around creating variations.

I got my dress at Ambience in San Francisco when I was there recently; I also wore my cowboy boots from Carter’s Boots in Bozeman, MT, a belt I added some ribbon from Liberty of London to, earrings from Katie, and my veil and fascinator were borrowed from Nicole after she wore them in her wedding a month ago!

Our ceremony was at the Islington Town Hall, since we live in Islington. What a beautiful building – historical and also bright with huge windows and a really beautiful decor. Which included a portrait of Queen Elizabeth, of course. Katie set up a conference call, so all of our family members and a ton of friends were on the phone listening in for the ceremony and prep! That was an unexpected, super-happy element of the day. Vasilis manned the phone – which helped since he speaks both Greek and English and could translate! – and during the ceremony, Peter shot some video AND even emailed photos out to everyone who was on the call! We were so high-tech. It was GREAT.

Afterward we went for dinner at Ottolenghi because they have the most impressive desserts in their windows. 🙂 Then a bunch of friends came to meet us for drinks at the pub on the corner of our street. It was an absolutely perfect and incredibly joyful day…and a wonderful start to our marriage.

Leslie and Nancy took photos, and my favorites are below (click to enlarge). Leslie, whose wedding I shot last year, somehow managed to balance being matron of honor on one hand and holding my enormous camera on the other – and seriously Leslie, thank you SO much; I hope we get to shoot someone else’s wedding together in the future! 🙂 If you just need to see even more photos (i.e. if you’re my Mom), there is also a much larger album with a ton of extra photos. Thank you so much to everyone who participated…we love you all!



  1. you always bring so much to anything, angela. the paper flowers (love love love!), dress and accouterments, descriptions… you two are going to have a happy, creative and lovely life together. we are so happy for you two!

  2. Best wishes, Angela and Lefteris, for a long and joyous life together. Thanks for sharing these photos and story with us. What a lovely, wonderful day. Congratulations.
    Carol Kappus – Peter’s Mom!!

  3. CONGRATS TO YOU BOTH!! I can’t wait to see you guys in September to celebrate! (Also…why are we not friends on Facebook?)

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