San Francisco locks

My lock portfolio is about to get a massive infusion. I’ve seen some great ones around the world lately…out for a walk in Camden, then in San Francisco, and especially in Venice, where Lefteris and I spent last weekend.

For today: locks of San Francisco. Well, the first is from Burlingame, but the rest are from the Mission district.

I love the juxtaposition of the various lock/jail/freedom/free/finance messages. I would’ve shot this even if there wasn’t a physical lock there!

I thought these door buzzer locks were interesting (love the one with “bottom, middle, top” in a vertical list…). But if you like these…just wait for the ones from Venice.

This is not one of those times when the numbers match the color of their surroundings…but it is one of those times when the numbers *coordinate* with the color of their surroundings. 6 is red, and 66 is a deep deep apple/cherry red. Which looks great with this light blue!

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