My engagement ring!

Apparently, all engagement-related post titles will end with exclamation points! I’m super excited that this is happening. I thought I’d never get married. I’m super independent and have been that way all my life, and I’m really happy on my own. So it’s a tough standard: I wasn’t looking for a husband, or even really a boyfriend, when I met Lefteris. Actually, we first met on the phone, and we hated each other. But when we met in person – we sit directly across from each in the office here in London, so we literally look at each other all day long – things obviously changed! I remember thinking, “that jerk is really cute…”

So here we are, a year down the road, and now I have THIS!

I am almost as in love with this ring as I am with Lefteris. It’s so cool! I really didn’t want a diamond…we looked at them but it’s just not me. But at the same time, I really *did* want a very engagement-y-looking ring, because the idea of me getting married is probably a little bit unbelievable for a lot of people I know and I want it to be obvious. This is the best of both worlds! He had it custom-made, and the setting is platinum while the “rock” is gold. It’s just beautiful.

We have these square white plates with raised sides, and for the two shots above, I put a bit of water in one and put the ring inside, then sat it on the table by the window (shooting toward the window). Made for a very dreamy effect!


  1. Your amazing ring is definitely you!!!!! What a great blending of the creative with a touch of traitional..which is definitely you, especially the creative part!

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