Andalucia day 8: Estepona

Today I’m in Madrid for a work meeting. Spain is still lovely, as it was when we were in Andalucia…which makes me remember that I really ought to post the final installment from our Andalucia trip! So without further ado: day 8 was New Year’s Eve!

We spent the day doing two things: 1) nothing, and 2) going to the spa. We spent the evening buying food for our little en-suite picnic and ringing in the new year. It was absolutely perfect.

We stayed at the Gran Hotel Elba Estepona which was a tremendous deal since it was the off season. I want to book all future trips like this: with a night or two at a fancy place at the very end. Sa-weet.

This was the view from our suite the next morning after we arrived, as the sun began to rise…

…and later in the afternoon…

…and still later…

That night we laid out a pretty impressive spread for dinner.

…and watched the sky until midnight.

Happy New Year! We left early the next morning on our way back to London. I’d go back to Andalucia in a heartbeat and I can’t wait to see other parts of Spain.

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