0580184057: in progress

Last night, I finished my first real painting in London!

I started this one (and two others I’m in the process of finishing up) back in California. It’s the third (and final) in a series; the other two are 4970006670 and 0350200450. I was all excited about what I was painting

…in fact I was so excited that I couldn’t stop myself, and I continued painting long past when I should have stopped, and I ruined it. Sad me!

Then I was about to leave for the summer in London, but I reeeeeeally wanted to finish this trio before I left. I ran to the art store and got a new canvas, and quickly got to work on it…painted much more quickly than I usually do but was thrilled with the results. Feeling super-triumphant, I placed the new painting next to the first two, and saw…

That’s it there in the middle. I’d bought the wrong size of canvas. Wah-wahhh. (And the first wrong one is on the far right. There is way, way too much white paint on it…it just doesn’t look like the right number at all.)

I spent the summer in London thinking about this and wishing I’d been able to finish it up before I left. So when I went back briefly to pack up for my move, I again got a new canvas (more carefully this time) and set to work. I got a lot done, but wasn’t able to actually wrap it up before I left. Changing continents is a lot of work!

So, when I got my art stuff into my flat and got all set up, this was my first order of business. All it needed were a couple of layers of white paint (and this time I was careful not to let my enthusiasm run away with me) and the numbers. I had to order balsa wood online from Amazon because I have no idea where to get it here, and wait for that, then paint, cut out, and attach the numbers.

…and I’ll show the final piece tomorrow!

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