Andalucia day 3: Algeciras port and ferry

Normally the port where we spent the morning hour wouldn’t get its own billing, but this was such a photographic goldmine that I had to mention it by name. Ever since I learned that one could take a ferry from southern Spain or Gibraltar over to Morocco, I’ve wanted to do it. And it was more than I even imagined.

On the ferry, we got a first taste of what was to come. I love, love, love the light on this crane and its reflection.

We unmoored and got our first view across the bay toward Gibraltar. Oh my god. It was like a painting, or a still from a movie. The light was just un. be. liev. a. ble.

And then we started to cruise alongside all of the shipping equipment. It looked like it was all made of Legos. Keep in mind that each one of those containers is the size of a semi truck. Actually, those are what semis pull.

…see, there’s one turning the corner!

These cranes load them onto the ships. Or they might be those evil machines from Star Wars. Not sure.

We rounded the corner, and Gibraltar came into view.

It only takes about a half hour to cross the Strait of Gibraltar, but the stuff we saw was amazing. What an entrance to Africa.

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