Cape Sounion

Before we end 2010, I want to finish out my posts from this year. I expect 2011 to bring lots more awesomeness…

So, the other day trip (besides the one to Nafplio) that we did from Athens was to Cape Sounion.

The climactic scene in my very favorite book, The Solitaire Mystery by Jostein Gaarder, takes place at Cape Sounion, so when Lefteris mentioned going there I was pretty excited about it. The drive from Athens was a perfect cross between the drive from Honolulu to Makapu’U Point and the drive from San Francisco to Big Sur.

Cape Sounion is home to an ancient temple of Poseidon, which makes sense since it’s the southern tip of the Attica peninsula and is pretty f!@%ing awesome. Greek gods like that.

We were there for the sunset, and I have never been so happy to have a polarizing filter. It did awesome things to the sky.

The ancient temple:

Polarization – thank you.

Lefteris got me this ring in Athens the day before. Kinda touristy but in just the right way.

The sunset was astounding.

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