We intended to spend a night on one of the islands, but (and apparently this isn’t at all unusual) the ferry boat service was on strike. So being confined to dry land, we went for a drive out to Nafplio, which was absolutely gorgeous. There are two big rock hills in town; our hotel was at the top of one, and a castle was at the top of the other. There was also a tiny island in the water that had a castle built on it. CASTLES, people.

The island castle when we approached:

…later on, at night (this was a 30-second exposure by the way, and people were constantly walking between the camera and the castle–aren’t long exposures interesting?)…

…and later that night, from another viewpoint. I didn’t notice the chair out on the rocks in the lower right corner until I saw the finished image in the viewfinder.

This is the path we walked, along a cliff in the pitch black, to get to the location where I took the above shot. That lamp was (obviously) not on.

We stopped for ice cream, which was super-delicious, when the saddest of all possible sad things happened! Rest assured that after I stopped photographing his misery I gave him *my* ice cream cone to make up for it. If that’s not true love, what is? I GAVE AWAY my ICE CREAM.

We hoped some more night photography could return us to our pre-ice-cream-disaster-moods, so we drove to a parking lot to mess around doing some more. I like this:

Lefteris in action – great body shape.

Our hotel room was amazing. I think it’s permanently lodged in my “happy place” archive. Let me put it like this: bubble bath in a jacuzzi tub that was open onto the room, door/windows wide open, and the sounds of someone playing piano at a party drifting up from the town below. Heaven.

This was the next morning, and it’s just a snapshot (I should have planned ahead and taken some shots when we first arrived), but still:

Views were spectacular.

The following morning we left our hill, and went up to the castle, on the other hill (below).

The ceiling in the chapel:

Very graphic:

It was sort of overcast the whole time, but it made for really interesting skies and sea. I actually really enjoyed that even though I was longing to soak up as much sun as possible. The clouds sort of hung in the air like mist and the blue faded through in places…


  1. Spectacular as always!!!! Just looked at my email from you of the string art. Wow! Wish I’d had that to show when I was teaching! Amazing!!!

  2. the shot from the archway and the uneven brick work make me want to eat these photos. and the strong beams of light on the water? yes.
    and that is love. i should say get a room, but you have, and what a lovely one! ^_^

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