On Thanksgiving this year (which in the UK is, of course, known simply as “Thursday”), Lefteris and I took off for a long long weekend in Athens. It was my first time in Greece and ooooooh, did I love it. We’ll be going back a few times this year so there will be more photos in other seasons, but here are a few from this trip.

Just after we arrived:

A lock at the Acropolis – we went there the second day, and spent so much time in the museum that we were too late to go to the actual Acropolis (which we wound up doing later in the week.
For all you fans out there, this lock was the only thing separating me from where Yanni played live.

I like the way the graffiti here sort of feels like flowers.

Greek coffee:

Some guys doing restoration work on one of the gates…

At the Acropolis…

This ad was at a variety of bus stops around town. We spent a lot of time saying things like “Oh my goooooodddddd, I fell into the groceriezzzzzzz….” and “This broccoli is so hot right now…”

More posts coming from Sounion and Nafplio, little trips from Athens…

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