Me & Nidhi talking

A couple of evenings ago I had the pleasure of spending several hours with my very good friend Nidhi, who does the awesome sketches I post from time to time.

We sat in the bay window of my living room talking, enjoying the breeze (in the midst of the ridiculous SF heatwave), and eating frozen yogurt for approximately forever and I felt super-ultra-recharged when she left. Then yesterday, this was her sketch of the day!

This is totally my apartment–my window, my favorite chair, my stacks of books, my painting, the clothes I was wearing that day…and since I’m moving out of this apartment (which I completely and totally love) tomorrow, I am so so SO happy to have this. I have plenty of pictures of my place but it’s not the same…Nidhi really captured the spirit here. Yay! 🙂

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