A few more shots from Scotland

Looking up at St. Giles’s Cathedral in Edinburgh–I love the contrast in this shot. Not HDR, by the way.

A lock called “Union”?

You can see all of me and half of Vivi in Kandra’s eye!

Everyone seems to be posing for me in this one. I think they were just waiting for me to finish my photo so they could take one–don’t think they knew my photo was of them.

Vivi loves jumping. Vivi loves her poncho. Vivi loves jumping in her poncho.

Liberation appears to be closed up.

Interesting thing here: 52 is a yellowy-orange color, which looks really nice in my mind with that blue on the wall.

Practiced my panning shots as we drove down the road…makes for an interesting miniaturized effect!

Could the whole place just stop being so picturesque? I mean really.

This was a few minutes after the swan attacked me.

On the train on the way back…had about four seconds to snap this as the train sped by the trees and the sun went down.

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