Favorites from Zadar

I know I just posted the whole album, but after having a few days to sit on it, there are a couple of shots I wanted to put here…to get them out of my system before I go to Marrakesh (tonight!) and to make them available if you don’t feel like watching a whole flash album.

Kids jumping off a diving platform. I saw the platform from a distance and knew I couldn’t wait to get up close, and it sure paid off.

The ruins by the main old town square. I just love the sun on the orange chairs. I sat near there and ate ice cream more times than I care to admit. 😉

This was some sort of police building just around the tip of the peninsula from the sea organ.

Impossible to choose a favorite from this series…but I want to buy bubble guns for all of the kids I know, and most of the adults. Note also that this is severly underexposed, on purpose, to keep the kids in silhouette and show the depth of color in the sky.

Looking at this photo makes me feel nervous. Taken from the street on the top of the old town wall. I had to crop into this, but that was my plan when I shot it (lens just wasn’t long enough)–so to expose the interior a bit, I had to drastically overexpose the rest of the shot. Most of that got cropped off, though.

The woman in this photo is such a surprise. And, there’s just something about that bird in the next one…

This was an advertisement pasted to a door in a back alley. Love the juxtaposition of the locks, bars, girl in her underwear, and phrase “women’secret”.

One of the floors in the church tower. I climbed to the top via that staircase as the sun was starting to go down.

And finally, a girl watching the sunset. Everyone was out, of course…the sunset takes a nice long time this time of year and it’s completely beautiful with all the boats going by.

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