200: in progress

Last night I did the texture; today I did the color. I think it’s clear by now that these are done with latex house paint. Today I had the yellow paint mixed and they could only do a semi-gloss because of the pigments–so when I add the numbers in a matte finish, I’ll also gloss-ify the rest of the color field. Hoping to do one more of these before I leave for London on Thursday, but who knows…

I really enjoy these paintings. The paint is mixed directly on the canvas, and the more of this I do the more of a feel I get for the necessary timing. It’s like diving into a pool; once I start, there’s a very solid timing window, and I have to get things into the correct position before I hit water/the paint dries, or I might break my neck. Painting like this feels a little like free fall and I love it.

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