Photos from Baja

I’ve been to London and back post-Baja, but am finally getting around to posting some of my favorite shots from the trip. Juan and I drove his Westfalia from San Francisco to San Jose del Cabo, covering the whole of Baja on the way (as one does). It was my first time in Mexico and really couldn’t have been any more awesome. For example(s):

There are a lot more photos I really like in the trip album.


  1. great shots over a great trip! we’re headed to Baja in the fall…. what beach/location is that top picture taken?

    1. Hey, thank you Mathew! I’m not entirely sure where that was, but I poked around on Google Maps and I think it was right about here: There are just miles and miles and miles of remote coastline, and the guidebooks do a fairly good job of describing how to get to the beaches – “turn right at the unmarked road between mile 23 and 24, then go 12 miles” (ha) – so if you’re pretty free to explore you’ll definitely find beautiful spots. Have fun!

  2. Hi, i’ve seen your blog on driving to Baja in a westfalia. Great photos.

    I’m in California right now and planning to go south for the winter in our 82 westfalia. Because it’s 30+ years old, i can’t seem to find insurance that covers both parties.

    What was your insurance when you did go south??



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