Victoria Skimboards Dangerous Shorebreak 2010

One of the coolest things I did in Hawaii (this time) was stumble upon the Hawaii Amateur Skimboarding League’s Victoria Skimboards Dangerous Shorebreak competition at Sandy Beach. If you’re unfamiliar with skimboarding, or specifically with dangerous break skimboarding, this video shows some of last year’s competition.

I was shooting into the sun (which was high in the sky), so the waves were lit from behind; there was plenty of light, so a fast shutter speed was no problem; and the competitors were close to the shore, so it was easy to get lots of detail. After having some success with my Sigma 70-300 last week with the kitesurfers, I grabbed it again to get in close. Same technique–burst shooting and AI Servo mode. I’m SO happy with the lot of these!

A couple of favorites:

And the whole album:

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