I just flew back from Europe…

…and boy are my arms tired.  Ha.  But seriously, folks: last-minute business trip to London over Thanksgiving weekend + close friends living in Stockholm = weekend in Copenhagen.  This brings my “countries I visited for the first time in 2009” tally to 6, if you count Tibet as a country separate from China, which I do: Japan, the UK, Finland, China, Tibet, and Denmark.  Not bad.

I spent an afternoon at the Danish king’s summer palace, which included a room with mirrors on all walls/floor/ceilings, and a variety of museum items like tiny stuff carved from what appeared to be ivory. I also ate a giant hotdog and played around on a weird sculpture in the middle of one of the squares.

We stayed in a great apartment and I enjoyed the Danish graffiti (particularly the use of the word “spoon”)…

…took the obligatory boat tour…

…and visited monuments like a church with a staircase winding around the outside of its spire (sadly closed for the season) and the “Black Diamond”.

We went to the lighting of the Copenhagen Christmas tree–which (at least for this night) was powered by people riding stationary bikes around it. Copenhagen is about to host a giant climate summit and there was no shortage of “green” messaging all over. I really like this shot–shot with my 430EX flash with a Gary Fong diffuser, set to underexpose by two stops, and the shutter dragged to get the background light. There’s a nice blur on the right of some people walking by.

Back in London, on my last day I made a mad dash around the tube system looking for photo opportunities at about 5:30 in the morning, before there were many people up and about. I am still waiting on my copy of Photoshopp but can’t wait to play with these some more once I have it.

More photos in the trip gallery.


  1. If only I could! It was some strange tiny thing carved out of what appeared to be ivory. There were many itty-bitty pieces all locked in together. Steps one and two to making your hair do that would be to shrink it down very small and fossilize it.

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