Tibetan lessons begin

I had my first Tibetan lesson on Friday. I’m very excited about learning this language. I speak a tad of Spanish and French and seem to inexplicably understand some German, but I don’t *really* speak anything other than English. Theoretically, Tibetan is kind of ridiculous to learn…possibly even less useful than Finnish. But since I’m hoping to do lots more Tibet-related stuff, I think it will be very useful. The hardest part is learning a new alphabet that corresponds to sounds we don’t have in English. But, I’m using my synesthesia to my advantage; I realized that I can associate the sounds with colors and then work to color-code the symbols in my mind. It’s still hard, but it will be well worth it when I can speak Tibetan!

My teacher recommended these pages for assistance learning, and since I had such a hard time knowing which Tibetan language resources were most useful/usable before I started lessons, I’m including them here:

For learning how to write Tibetan script: http://chris.fynn.googlepages.com/howtowritethetibetanscript

For learning how to say the syllables: http://www.tibetanlibrary.org/library/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=93&Itemid=137&lang=en


  1. its so much like hindi! even written there are similarities – and the syllabary thing is totally hard if you’re not used to it… i wish i knew it so i could help! good luck!

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