What I’m wearing today

Working from home and/or in an office where I only have one coworker (shoutout to Kenneth), my fashion quality has taken a dive recently. Today I’m meeting a friend for dinner so thought I’d ramp it up a bit. This look includes:

  • Diane von Furstenburg sweater
  • Printed skirt with pockets from Target (love the bright floral on a black ground)
  • Fancy birthday shoes (birthday gift to self last year)
  • Belt from a leather store in Tibet, where John and I got saddle bags that I’m converting to more usable leather bags–to come in future posts
  • Earrings made in St. John (US Virgin Islands) from Skyy vodka bottles, by my cousin Jared

My favorite thing about this outfit is that while I think the patterns on the belt & skirt complement each other nicely, the colors are very dissonant together (though harmonious within their own palettes). Yay tension!

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