What I’m reading

…or at least, two of the books I’m reading:

James Gleick wrote Chaos, which I loved, and the subtitle here (“The Acceleration of Almost Everything”) has been taunting me for …some…time. Ha. Anyway, when he got around to talking about car phones, I thought, huh? And realized that it’s copyright 1999, which is surprisingly outdated in this context. Which kind of brought the point home. Anyway, recommended, especially if you realize that everything here is increasing exponentially.

Apparently this is the gold standard for lighting textbooks and I think I understand why, although of course I have no frame of reference for such a statement. Anyway, I’m trying to cram as much photography information into my head as I can before I go on my next big trip. After the first 100 pages I feel like I have a much better understanding of lots of intuitive stuff.

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