What I’m wearing today

Today feels good. Much better than other days this week. I’m thinking I can attribute that to the jacket. In the immortal words of my friend Jesper, “…so when do the other astronauts arrive?”

This spacesuit includes:

  • Skirt I made from drapery fabric from Calico Corners
  • Shoes given to me by Katie when she realized they were no longer cool (they’re Nike Air heels! There are air cushions in the soles! It’s like they’re FROM THE FUTURE)
  • “Meh” t-shirt, a birthday gift from Vivi
  • Awesome shiny leather jacket I got at, believe it or not, THE GAP for like $30
  • A wallet chain, worn as a necklace (come to think of it, I think that came from Katie as well)
  • Iridescent leather cuff bracelet I made
  • Silver/grey drusy ring
  • Glasses (with no prescription) I got in Tokyo
  • Pink hair–can we count that? Why not.

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