What I’m wearing today

I’ve been traveling for so long, I’m way behind on the outfit photos! But, I got a new camera (a Canon XTi) before the Tokyo trip, plus a tripod for Christmas and even a remote shutter control. Weeeee! So at least we’ve got this:

Included here:

  • Grey boots from OIOIJAM in Shibuya (I’m pronouncing it “Oy, Oy, Jam!”)
  • Fancy leather-embellished jeans from Apple Blossom in Noe Valley
  • T-shirt with a picture of a samurai on it from just outside the giant Buddha statue in Kamakura
  • Arm-warmers from a street vendor in Shibuya (I left the ones I made somewhere in Tokyo…whoops)
  • Ring which appears to be made of soldered wire and beads from a boutique in Harajuku
  • Necklace I made from Czech coins
  • Japanese hair product chosen based on the color of its container (as a good a reason as any since I couldn’t read the description)

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