What I’m wearing today: Extractable holiday party

Tonight is the Extractable holiday party, so it’s time for the party dress. But…we’re going straight from work to the party, so I’m wearing the dress to work. This party-ready look includes:

  • Black crumpled satin dress from Jigsaw, which is actually 10% metal–there’s silver woven in there…
  • Yellow snakeskin sandals
  • A bunch of black beaded bracelets
  • Big red cocktail ring
  • Tiny earrings
  • A bird Christmas ornament worn as a hairpiece

What’s the thing on my head? It’s a glittery, feathery bird. I saw the ornament in a craft store and immediately wanted to wear it on my head. So I ripped the ornament-mounting off of it and hot-glued it to a headband. Bam! Bird on my head.

The thing about it is, I just love the look in the little bird’s eye.

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