What I’m wearing today


Included herein:

  • White cotton dress
  • Brown strappy sneakers
  • Ankle socks
  • Studded belt that always makes me feel like a pirate
  • Necklace made from a broken piece of pottery, acquired at the Poquoson Virginia Seafood Festival
  • Fingerless gloves, which I made from the sleeves of an old sweater
  • Elbow bracelet (can we call it that?), which I made from random scraps of leather
  • Lightning bolt ring from the Old Town Square Christmas Market in Prague
  • Mohawk!


  1. Aren’t you cold? I’m wearing two sweaters, a coat, and gloves and am still eyeballing my space heater…

    Also, cute necklace but one grows concerned for the safety of your jugular vein.

  2. I absolutely love that even the bottoms of your shoes coordinate well with your dress. Simply beautiful! 🙂

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