What I’m wearing today / Craft time

This outfit is a veritable cornucopia (see? Thanksgiving theme) of things I’ve made, and funny faces. Though you can’t see the other funny faces, I guarantee they were there in the b-roll. Anyhoodle, here’s the list of items in which I am clad:

Black and white splatter-paint print pencil skirt, which I made
Oatmealy tank
Plaid punkified blazer, which I reworked from a conservative one I had
Black & brown booties with which I am strangely preoccupied
Leather & stone necklace from a street vendor on the St. Charles Bridge in Prague
Big ring, which I made from accoutrements (French accent please) I picked up in Paris

Since I just made the jacket, it gets more pictures of its own. Things I did to the jacket include:

Cutting off the sleeve
Removing the…ahem…shoulder pads
Making holes in it with sandpaper over rocks
Washing it
Safety-pinning the sleeve back on
Drawing on it with a sharpie
Odd and unplanned pink and red embroidery
Adding black and white striped trim over some seams
Adding an applique at the nape of the neck
Popping the collar (for added coolness)
Removing the label, embroidering “ANGEL” over “MERON” while still using the final “A” from “Merona” (thanks, Target!), and then hand-sewing it back on
Removing one of the buttons and replacing it with a mismatched one

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  1. Love the outfit! Funny face looks mad though. I like you smiling best, but I’m your Mom. When you say “cutting off the sleeve,” I do hope you did both sleeves rather than one sleeve twice. Only our family would understand what I mean. Love your website, love you…Mom

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