What I’m wearing today

Today’s magic outfit includes this skirt that I made. It’s a copy of a pencil skirt I happen to love. I’ve had it in mind to do a pencil skirt in this fabric for a while and finally got around to it this weekend. In toto, this outfit includes:

Splatter-paint-look pencil skirt, made by yours truly
Fancy new shoes, which are my new favorites (don’t mention this to the other shoes)
Drapey black top
Silver nonspecific-predatory-cat ring with green sparkly eyes (a.k.a. tackiest ring ever)
White enamel ring from a Marimekko boutique in Seattle
70’s-lamp-style owl necklace

Also about the skirt: I actually did this one right. Normally I rush through all of the prep and pretty much freestyle the whole thing. This time, however, I not only made an actual pattern, I also trued it up, put in a lapped zipper according to instructions, did an interfaced waistband, finished the seams, topstitched the seams, added contrast bias tape to the hem and kick pleat, AND learned how to use the blind hem stitch on my machine. Wheeeee!

P.S. I had intended to that this photo be of the skirt only, but the disembodied skirt looked really weird. So, skirt in context. But, the shot was lined up without my head in it. Fear not, I still have my head. It will return.

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