Multiphonics & chaos

My brother Aaron is a great saxaphonist and is bizarrely obsessed with throat singing, which is NEAT but can indeed draw attention when done in public. Not always good attention…

Throat singing is a way of creating more than one note at a time with your voice. Follow the link above to hear/see an example. Multiphonics is a more general term for this; it often refers to creating more than one note at a time on a woodwind instrument. It sounds impossible–any type of horn is set up to create only one wavelength, and the presence of two notes indicates that there are two wavelengths supported at once.

At any rate–I just came across this piece of research (from 1989…but it’s new to me) that concludes that woodwind multiphonics can be described with strange attractors (a main concept in chaos theory). Given my ongoing chaos obsession, the audio background, and all of the thought I’ve been putting into how web analytics relate to each of those individually, this seems like it could sort of close the whole loop! Hopefully I can find some followup research.

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